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The Ark was created in 2005 and delivers cost effective, result focused solutions in Talent Sourcing, Talent Acquisition, In-house HR/Recruitment, Recruitment Masterclasses, Employer Branding and Communications, Independent Research Services, Career Advisory, Executive Coaching Services and Corporate Development. 
We have a track record in helping international clients recruit new team builds for satellite offices/market expansion, bridge HR resources for new company start-ups, conduct market research services including competitor mapping and executive research.  We work across Europe/MEA in Automation, Automotive, Aviation, Banking (private and investment), Chemicals, Financial Services, Industrial, Information Technology, Insurance, Healthcare, Life Science, Manufacturing, Medical, Mining, Pensions, Plastics, Real Estate, Retail, Satellite, Telecommunications, Water/Wastewater.

Our Career Advisory and Executive Coaching includes CV and social media profile writing and optimisation, connection and CV marketing strategies, talent management and development, personal effectivness.
Our Recruitment Masterclasses are designed specifically for Human Resources and focus on increasing speed on time to hire, accuracy and reducing the cost per hire. We offer practical skills training on social media recruitment, candidate sourcing, candidate acquisition, candidate qualification, candidate management and communications and how to drive job website traffic for inbound recruitment.  We can develop as well as implement your recruitment strategies and put in place the mechanisms to produce measurable results.

Our work is 100% client referenced and our code is simple:  we deliver our services with personal integrity, honesty, expertise, commitment and humility and we guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion at all times.
We are licensed in continued professional learning and development so clients can take advantage of local government tax benefits on our tailor-made training programmes or individual workshops



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